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Little Onion Puppet Company Presents


By Randi Edmundson, Jess Amy Shead, and Shizuka Kai

Otosan is based on Shizuka Kai’s real life experience of trying to connect with her father, a dedicated wildlife documentary videographer. Spirited Shizu and her serious father struggle to appreciate each other in their day-to-day lives — that is, until the day little Shizu hides in her father’s suitcase and travels secretly to his most dangerous destination…The North. At first, Shizu is nothing but a nuisance to her gruff, no-nonsense father. But, as they encounter grizzly bears, snowy owls, white wolves and other Arctic critters, the pair is forced to face challenges together, and come closer to a mutual understanding. We see the difficult reality of building a relationship with a parent who is physically and emotionally far away. This production features puppets, real wildlife footage projections, highly physical storytelling and an original score.