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2017 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards

Outstanding Performance and Outstanding Production

Theatre for Young Audiences

Freddie in the Neighbourhood - THE LITTLE ONION PUPPET COMPANY


Photos by My City Photos



Main Collaborators: Noah Ferguson & James Coomber


A young person has run away from home. All they have with them is their dog, Marshall (they couldn’t bring Sam because unfortunately, fish aren’t portable). Their childlike ability to make the best out of a bad situation brings a new world to life, filled with endless possibilities, and furry friends. Experience what it feels like to take a stand, make a journey, and have the world celebrate you, for you.

The Vancouver Fringe Fringe partnered with The Only Animal to create DAREU!, a 16 week mentorship program for young Artists and their exploration of a new hybrid form: Augmented Reality Theatre. Working with The Only Animal’s Artistic Producer, Eric Rhys Miller, and mentors Sophia Dagher and Tricia Collins, myself and 6 other Artists created short pieces to be experienced using phones or tablets. Each story is discovered by exploring a specific location, and are connected by the theme of “risk.” 

DAREU! Winner of the 2015 Artist Risk Award from the Vancouver Fringe Festival board!



RUN & GUN 48 hour film making competition

Kindergarten: Da Bin Ich Weider

a Crazy 8s film by Aubrey Arnason, Co-directed by Kayln Miles

I was pulled into this project last minute, knowing no one involved, and not having read the script (always a risk). But it turned out to be a magical experience, and a truly wonderful story. I painted 5 8x8 murals for filming against, assisted the props department, hung out on the insane 3 day shoot, became an extra, and made character illustrations for the poster.

On Set Photos - Justin Beddington Photography

PuSh Festival Young Ambassador Program

This program "integrates the next generation of Vancouver's young professionals into the Festival and connects them to the artistic sensibility and world-view of visiting Canadian and international artists." In the 2015 festival , I worked with the artists from Cineastas, touring from Argentina. They had a gigantic set (pictured below)! In 2014, I worked with the Irish Company Brokentalkers on their show Have I No Mouth, and assisted Pi Theatre's Artist Director Richard Wolfe on the opening night 10th Anniversary Gala.


Book & Lyrics by Alyssa Kostello (of NOW! Theatre) and Music by James Coomber.

This workshop presentation was part of Resounding Scream Theatre's Plunge Festival. It was a joy to sing through, and great to reconnect with some old friends! Watch out for the next instalment at the 2015 revolver Festival.

Social Media for Solo Collective Theatre's show Small Parts

I joined the board of directors of Solo Collective Theatre in October 2014, and sat on the Outreach committee for Small Parts. I had a great team providing content and inspiration, and worked closely with the past Artistic Producer, Marisa Smith (from Alley Theatre), to make a solid online presence for the production. 

The Belfry Theatre's workshop of This Little Light

This piece was so thrilling to work on. Erin Macklem and Brad L'Écuyer are adapting the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale of The Little Matchgirl into a modern, out door, site-specific musical, with real heart. It was such a crazy week of workshopping, I only took one picture. It's titled My Happy Place.


The idea behind the Papergirls project is to "bring art and the public together in an exciting and innovative way by taking art out of the galleries and into the streets!" I submitted some art work (mostly inspired by Shane Koyczan lyrics), which was displayed at the Roundhouse Community Centre among amazing artwork from people of all abilities. Keep a look out for art on bikes in June!

Theatre Under the gun

Intrepid Theatre's Theatre Under the Gun Festival was an insane 48 hours of show making mayhem! I joined Impulse Theatre in creating a short piece inspired by prompts given to us at the beginning of the 2 days, then performed it at the end of the 48 hours. We ended up with something called THREE, which we all fell in love with and are working on developing further. 

 neighbourhood small grants rESIDENT ADVISORY COMMITEE

This project was such a treat to be a part of for two years in a row. I have learned so much about the incredible people and events that are part of the neighbourhood I live in, Mount Pleasant.  With a team of two other community members, we review the Artist Enhancement portion of the grant applications, contact the applicants with questions, then make our final recommendations for funding to the NSG and Vancouver Foundation.  

SNAFU Dance Theatre's Kitt & JanE

I followed this project from the beginnings of the Belfry Theatre's Incubator project, to the SPARK Festival, the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and beyond! Acting as the Stage Manager, I was knee deep in the creation process. I became a core artist of SNAFU, and found some true friends and collaborators through this project. Such a gem!

Theatre SKAM's Bike Ride - The galloping goose

We took a bare bones bike trailer, and turned it into a replica of the original Galloping Goose train that carried passengers up and down Vancouver Island on the rails hidden under what is now called the Galloping Goose trail. During the festival, we took up to 2 passengers on tours in the train, and enveloped them in the world of the days when the train rode strong! It was one of the most ambitious projects I've ever worked on, and it turned out so well!

24 Hr Shakespeare Festival

What an incredible event! John Emmet Tracy, his wife Alia, and countless other artists from the community, came together to do 24 straight hours of Shakespeare to benefit the BC Children's Hospital. It was epic. I joined in for a few hours in the evening, and was back at it at 10am the next morning. The highlight was being handed the script of The Tempest, getting a run down from some fellow actors, and diving into a totally improvised portrayal of Ariel. And the studio was stinking hot!


Yes, a musical based on Franz Kafka's life and work. Dark? You bet. The composer, Murray Gold, came to see the show all the way from England. Murray is best known as the sole composer of Doctor Who!  

Theatre Inconnu's Pornography AND Shining City

Theatre Inconnu was a real playground for me after graduation. I learned how to Stage Manage by diving head first into Pornography, an 8 person ensemble piece. I then worked on Shining City, and helped out with props on The Wallworth Farce, before moving onstage for KAFKA The Musical and Blackbird.

The comedy of errors


This show was the final project of Company C, the 3rd year program at the Canadian College of Performing Arts. In Company C, a group of 12 produced and performed 3 shows in 4 months. We each had a role outside and inside every show. I was lucky enough to have some great mentors - particularly on the costume design of this show. Erin Macklem, from the Belfry Theatre, was an incredible resource. The biggest challenge was turning two 18th century female wigs into two "Carrot Top" style hairdos for the Dromios.