Story (mine)

All Things Creative

 There is no happier place than in a studio, or on a stage.

Surrounded by kindred spirits, trusted collaborators, and true friends? Even better.

Add something meaningful and worthwhile to work on? Bliss.

My goal is to be fearlessly and ceaselessly creative, with a focus on community engagement, and challenging, truthful and inspirational projects. I believe in the potential of art to contribute to the betterment of this crazy world we live in, and want to be a part of that in whatever way I can.

Some interests of mine include: acting, voice, dance, choreography, costume design, music, writing, visual art, crafting, film production, and arts administration. But one thing is for certain: my main focus is on the stage. And that’s most of what you will find here. Check out the Everything page to get a taste of what else I get up to. 

A little about me: I was born in South Africa, and my family immigrated when I was two years old. We moved straight to Vancouver Island, where I completed my post secondary education in Theatre. In September 2013, I made the move to Vancouver, and now am so thrilled to call this beautiful city home. I enjoy things like hot yoga, acupuncture, nature, animals of all kinds all the time, and interior design. My first ever email address was '', and my go to word when put on the spot is 'Peaches'. Now you know. 

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